This invention

This invention Interest in equipment I, undoubtedly, am obliged to a dedushkeinzhener.

He together with the partner patented the main device of the autopilot.

This device perceives the movements of wings of the plane in a magnetic field of Earth.

This invention is still worked in aircraft construction.

The grandfather with me was patient and always found time for answers to my questions.

Why sky blue?

Why there are inflow and otliva?

On these and on many other questions it gave scientific, but quite clear answers.

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In order

In order He honestly admitted to us that from the very beginning skeptically treated the offered method of reorientation of the purpose drawing attention.

And now he was convinced of its efficiency.

In order that reorientation led you to success, it is important to communicate more often with the child then when he does not fight for attention to himself.

It will help to consolidate behavior to which you seek to accustom it.

Other method which you can apply it to transfer the child from one place to another.

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I even am on friendly

I even am on friendly It is necessary to me!

But in the evening when time came to be put to bed, I wanted to praise it, and I told: Matvei, you very well behaved today.

From these words I felt inflow of tenderness to the boy and unexpectedly for myself added: I very much love you.

And I very much love you, quickly, with enthusiasm Matvei responded in the dark.

I even am on friendly terms with you.

Great person our Matvei.

Chapter of the book was about parents, the second about children, the third, as well as it is promised, about third composed education the relations between parents and children.

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You will

You will I already very long time ago learned it!

The teacher is revolted.

In reply she roughly throws Mary: I will not suffer if you talk to me in such tone, my dear!

I will send a note of your mother.

You will think!

parries Mary.

Yes, quite so the teacher sharply tears off it.

And now go to a directors office!

Questions: What does the teacher feel?

What reaction of Mary to the remark of the teacher?

What wants to tell Mary the behavior?

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Well, shout, we stole

Well, shout, we stole Well, shout, we stole strawberry, and a fence did not break!

Did not break!

Parents did not begin to understand these subtleties, and punished all three for strawberry and for a wattle fence.

Passed four years; one of girls received the permit in a big summer camp the Pearl of Russia in Anapa, and there the chief physician A.


Dubrovsky set the composition: For what punished me?

And four years later the girl with indignation describes a case with strawberry and a wattle fence, her composition breathes pathos of indignation: Well as adults do not understand?

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